Creating a Service


We have tried to make the creation of YouShare/CARMEN services as simple as possible. Starting from a piece of code that performs a certain function, there are a few steps that must be followed in order to achieve an online executable service. These steps are:

  1. Convert your code into an executable non-interative standalone command line application. More information on our spec will be available here soon.
  2. Gather metadata on your application and write it to an XML file. This metadata includes textual information on the service itself and it’s input/output (I/O) parameters. Other information required includes I/O data types, and platform/application specifics.
  3. Generate a Java wrapping around the application (so that it can interface to our system) and bundle it up with the application into a JAR file.
  4. Upload the service JAR and XML files to the portal, and specify ownership and sharing permissions. The system administrators currently perform this function.

For steps 2 and 3, we have a Service Builder application that simplifies the process significantly. The Service Builder uses a wizard approach to gather the metadata and attach the application. The builder can then automatically generate the JAR and XML files neccessary to create the service. In future we will also incorporate the service registration process (step 4) into the Service Builder.

Documentation (PDF)


We have several examples of actual service code that can be downloaded and viewed/run.